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Google Search Button was hacked ?

Google search button was hacked ?

since this afternoon 5pm (Malaysia time), Google show it search button like this



Is Google being hacked ? There is other people experiences the same problem here

http://twitpic.com/4130pl and http://twitpic.com/4135tj

It seems only happen to I.E 8 , my firefox doesn’t show that problem.

Google, do you have problem with Microsoft ? :)

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Malaysia Online fashion event and contest – -MOFEW10

MOFEW – Online fashion blog contest and event

Just come across this website , Malaysia’s Online Fashion Entrepreneurs’ Weekend (MOFEW), which organize the FIRST ever event in Malaysia that gathers online fashion entrepreneurs from all over the country to this central venue in the Klang Valley – the Mid Valley Exhibition Center from the 13th – 15th August 2010. (MOFEW’10)

MOFEW’10 is an event designed to promote and highlight the online fashion scene in Malaysia as well as to educate and inspire budding online entrepreneurs to step out and make a difference.

Align with the event, MOFEW organize a blog contest to write the most possible creative way, how MOFEW’10 can create possibilities for you ?

Hmm…Good blog contest, however , I am not online fashion entrepreneur. So I can only write a blog from the point of view of an SEO, not from the point of view of the online fashion entrepreneurs. More precisely, I should say, how I can create possibilities for MOFEW’10 ?

Well, put the SEO in action, I am planning this way : Creating awareness for the public about this MOFEW’10 through the SEO. After doing some research, Here are the keywords I will target :

1. Malaysia event – currently 12,100 search monthly (global)
2 online fashion – currently 18,100 search monthly (local)
3. fashion news – currently 390 search monthly (local)
4. fashion show – currently 40,500 search monthly (local)
5. Malaysia fashion – currently 27,100 search monthly (global)
6. Malaysia fashion online – currently 6,600 search monthly (global)

I hope this blog will appear for the above keywords in one month time ( although it is quite rush in SEO ). I will keep posting the update and let’s see what’s the ranking for this blog.

For more information about MOFEW, please click here.

Updated 5-August-2010

Currently this post is listed in search engines for the below keywords :

1. "Malaysia fashion" #16 / 107,000,000 in Google.com
2. "Malaysia fashion online" #17 / 38,600,000 in Google.com
3. "online fashion" #32 / 325,000,000 in Google.com.my
4. "fashion event in Malaysia" # 4/ 25,400,000 in Google.com

Hope it creates more awareness for MOFEW

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Malaysia SEO consultant committed trademark infringement

Malaysia SEO consultant committed trademark infringement

Locus-T.com , who is the FIRST Internet marketing company in Malaysia that certified with ISO standard, just discovered that their trademark (Don’t Build Your Website in Jungle) had been copied by two SEO consultant in Malaysia. One of them copied trademark in words, and the other one copied our trademark with combination of word and design.


Although Locus-T didn’t disclose who are the person, but in Malaysia SEO/SEM industry, we all know who they are. Ironically, One of the SEO consultant is listed top 10 for the keywords “Malaysia SEO” , “Malaysia SEO consultant”. It is really a shame for a SEO consultant to copy other SEO consultant’s intellectual properties, and we doubt are this SEO consultants using any unethically method to optimize for their own customers since themselves even don’t respect to intellectual properties.


So if you want to find reliable SEO services, please think it twice and check their name in search engines to read other’s people comment. For more information about this trademark infringement case, please visit Locus-t Blog.


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Hello world!

Welcome to Our website. We will post SEO and PPC related blog from time to time. Please remember to bookmark us !



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